Editing Tools

I have a post in the works regarding some cool books and shows I’ve been watching, but I lack the mental energy to write that at the moment. I’m mostly exhausted from battling the daughter this week. Such a smart, caring, and headstrong girl that one is.

So for now I share with you a couple websites I’ve come across that will point out weaknesses in your writing. Now, I would view these as suggestions, not written in stone laws, because such rules are made to be broken, particularly in writing. But they are useful as a starting point. Of course and even better solution is to find an “in person” writing critique group or partner, but we all don’t have the time or resources for that.

  • Prowritingaid.com is the prettier of the two sites, but will only let you copy/paste 1,000 words to be analyzed at a time for the free version.
  • Edit Minion is the less refined and makes the web designer in me weep a bit, but has no word limit and therefore is the one I’ll probably use the most.

I’m lucky enough to be a member of a pretty great writing critique group that meets once a month, but I could see using these tools in between meetings.