State Of The Union 2015

This is something I’d probably post to Facebook, which would in turned be ignored. Instead, I figured I’d post it here so it can be ignored here instead.

I can’t think of anything more dreadful than watching a modern State of the Union address. Well, I can think of more dreadful things because I have a good imagination, but you know what I mean. This is the Internet. Hyperbole reigns. Everything is either the best or the WORST.

It’s not that I’m not interested in politics, or at least how politics will effect my life. Nor do I particularly hate the President (I just wish he were more liberal and less middle of the road). I probably won’t even have a problem with what he is going to say. But the entire visual of the thing is what makes me sick. The State of the Union address has become just like a really boring sporting event.

Here’s how it goes. The President will say something. Pause. Democrats will stand and applaud. Republicans will sit, stone faced, as if somebody stole their lunch money. Pundits will smile, happy to have something to blather about for a few days. Pollsters will create polls. Twitter will twitter. Things will quiet and the President will say another thing. Repeat all. Barf.

It will all sound either good, or bad, depending on whatever “team” you vote for. Nothing much will change, though. Republican opposition to anything this President wants is too strong, and Democratic will to do anything even close to “liberal” is too weak. Nah, I’ll skip the spectacle of it all and just read about it tomorrow.

This is pretty much how I feel about awards shows too. It’s just a chance for those involved to get dressed up, go to some fancy parties, and pat themselves on the back, while giving the rest of us a reason to debate or argue about something that will have little effect on our real lives.

So, State of the Union 2015, I say “meh” to you.

3 thoughts on “State Of The Union 2015

  1. Unfortunately this is the reality, everywhere, in your home country, in mine… (which is quite far away)
    I also don’t “do politics”, we don’t have television for choice and I avoid spending time with people who can not do nothing but “beat around the bush”…
    I choose what I read or dvd that I look, I write what comes from the heart (I guess I’m a writer too)… here or on FB, it doesn’t matter, as you say, they ignore you…
    Is important to look for happiness within you, deep inside, to love yourself and to possibly extent love to those who are around you. Well, “love” is here understood as a way of sharing and compassion… as taught by Buddhist philosophy! That’s rewarding and may give you trully happiness…
    Serenity :-)c

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