Misfits TV Show

Misfits Opening Credits

When we moved to this (double the mortgage of our “starter home) house, we cut expenses where we could. One of the first things to go was cable tv. We’ve replace cable with antenna for over the air programming (coming full-circle to the “rabbit ears” days) and subscriptions to Hulu Plus and Netflix. Needless to say, I watch some weird stuff the general public goes not.

Hulu in particular has some interesting English television I’ve not seen. I’ve quite gotten into a program called Misfits, “a British science fiction comedy-drama television show, on E4, about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.”  Basically, it’s a superhero show about people who don’t define themselves nor act like superheros. In  other words, an actual interesting take on people with superpowers.  Also, time travel.

It’s such a good show. I’m on Series 2, Episode 5, with episodes clocking in around 45 minutes each, so I still thankfully have a ways to go. There is nothing neat and tidy about the plots or the group. They do some pretty messed up stuff actually (from a moral point of view), but never cross the line to me where I’m not pulling for the characters.

I’m at a point where one of the characters who started as a creepy wreck, has switched to one of the most heroic. Now that I look back it had been happening subtly over the two series, but it also happened over the course of one episode. It’s just good writing.

The show switches back and forth between, funny, serious, and slightly disturbing. You should give it a shot. I can’t think of anything else that’s going to be on television this weekend (screw “The Big Game”).

5 thoughts on “Misfits TV Show

  1. That sounds like a really neat show! I’ve been ogling a Hulu subscription for a while now, but our internet service is iffy at best, so I don’t see the point as yet. If they ever get the internet situation taken care of where I live, I’ll have to check this show out. 🙂

    • We have decent internet though we had to make a deal with the devil (Comcast) to get it.

      It is a good series. Might even be available on free Hulu? It does have its “adult situations” so watch without kids, or course.

      • Our problem is that the only internet we can get at our house is slow and expensive. There isn’t much competition here when it comes to ISPs, and the big boys around here apparently aren’t all that big (I don’t know anyone here who has Comcast, for example). Rural broadband here is unheard of; we’ve got satellite internet, but our data limit isn’t much better than what we have on our cell phones, so we stream next to nothing. Our phone company is supposed to be expanding their network, but even then we’d only have DSL, and they were supposed to have this upgrade done six months ago, so I’ve stopped holding my breath.

        Oddly enough, President Obama was only half an hour away from my house a while back, touting a local community’s efforts to improve internet access within their community. Too bad we can’t get service from them.

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