RAIGN – Empire Of Our Own

RAIGN – Empire Of Our Own

So I’ve been watching this show The 100. I had it in my queue on Hulu since it came out last year, but never could quite get myself to watch. Sometime in January I was thinking for a show to binge and decided to give it a shot.

Episode 1 of season 1 was very CW-y and YA-y. I nearly shut it off, to be honest. But I powered through. Episode 2 was a little better, and by the halfway point of season 1 I was hooked. They toned down the “teen speak” and settled into a pretty fascinating Science Fiction distopia.  The season 1 finale was pretty rad. But without spoiling things, there is an episode in season 2 that just had me saying “no way” to the screen. It was, to use an overused word, epic.

The 100 has a couple things going for it. The writing is brave. They aren’t afraid to have a character die if that’s what the story needs. Like, main characters. Nobody is safe, and not in a cheap way.

Second, the female characters in the show kick butt. And lead. And they aren’t just male characters in female containers. They are deep, and flawed, and respected as leaders and make mistakes and do the right thing.  I feel awkward talking about it, but you just need to see it.

So yeah, The 100 is a good show that deserves more viewers. It has already been renewed for a 3rd season. The above song was featured in the most recent episode which prompted this post. I liked it.