A Tuesday

The sun came up today. That’s good!

I woke up with it. That’s good too! My streak of waking after a period of sleep continues.

The daughter didn’t flip out before school as much this morning as yesterday morning. This is a quite pleasant turn of events. Getting them in bed earlier worked. Sometimes it’s the little decisions that make the best outcomes.

I updated the blog to a new theme. I liked the old one but I’m old school and missed my sidebar (on desktop, I imagine it disappears on mobile).  I could have screwed with the code probably and got it to work, but I’m lazy.

I have a sore throat after having beat the head-cold of last week. These menthol cough drops say to take them every two hours. That is laughable. I’ll take them as often as I please. I’m crazy like that.

Happy Tuesday, planet Earth. Your results may vary.



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