The Writer’s Life

There’s nothing like getting an idea for a novel while standing in line waiting to place your hoagie order then it’s immediately your turn to order. There’s a special type of worry that crops into your mind as you answer questions regarding toppings and dressings, or wait for questions regarding toppings and dressings, as you repeat your order over and over again in your mind, so scared you might forget it.

And once your order is complete, there you are typing the note into your phone, your order resting on whatever shelf you can find, be it household cleaning items or feminine hygiene products. No, you aren’t texting. You are capturing the muse.

I’m terrible at dreams. I’m constantly, in the middle of an awesome dream, reminding myself I am inside a dream and none of it is real. I hit a new level last night, however, in the middle of what should have been a nightmare. I dreamt I was having surgery and I was aware during the entire procedure, as they removed my bowels and such. And all I could think to myself was, “Hmm. That’s cool. I wonder why they didn’t put me under? This should be a nightmare”.

My mind is a weird, weird, place.


7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life

  1. That actually happened to my husband. He was having an outpatient operation and they were supposed to put him under, so I went along as his driver. But when we got to the hospital (which was two hours away from home), a different doctor was doing the surgery, and she decided to use a local instead.

    But it didn’t work. They started cutting and he started yelling. When he told them he could feel everything, they said, “Oh, you can not. It’s all in your head.”

    Gotta love the VA.

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