Early Mornings At The Grocery Store Are The Best

One of my favorite things in my life right now is 7:00 AM trips to the grocery store. It’s just so peaceful in there. People are stocking the shelves, crappy music from the 80s plays on the radio, and most importantly Newbs don’t get in my way. I highly recommend it.

Normally, I choose the self-checkout line when I go to the grocery store. For one, it’s just faster. More importantly I like packing my own stuff because I bag things better than they do. Meaning, I put more than one item in the plastic bags (I’d like to say I bring my own bags but I always for get. But don’t worry, I always reuse or recycle them). Do I really need each apple in its own plastic grocery bag (only a slight exaggeration)? Want to save the Earth? Educate the baggers that my groceries can share a home.

Sometimes I do go through the regular lines, especially early in the morning. I do this mostly because there is this nice old lady cashier that reminds me of my Grandma. It’s just a pleasant way to start the day.

So yeah, if you have to go to the grocery store go early in the morning or during, not before, a large snowstorm. It’s the best way to avoid those pesky interactions with fellow humans that are so annoying.