Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire

Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire

It was -6 F this morning when I woke, and that was is the actual temperature on the thermometer, none of this “real feel” crap. It’s up to 8 degrees now, and it feels warm. Warm, meaning you can walk outside for a few moments without losing your will to survive or cutting open a smelly animal and crawling inside (Star Wars reference homey).

So, have a song. I dig it.


5 thoughts on “Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire

  1. Man, you named the reference, so now I can’t gain style points by naming that reference. What a drag :p

    That cold sounds awful, though. Suddenly feels so much warmer where I live. Great song, btw.

  2. One of my favorite “feel” songs! I first discovered it on the Twilight soundtrack (I know… judge away) which was actually full of pretty decent “feel” songs! Thanks for sharing!

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