Weekend From My Weekend

This is how I picture myself today, relaxing, if I were able to relax today.

I need a weekend to rest up from my weekend.

Friday we were having the “friends” birthday party for my son (6), so I decided it would be a good idea to stay home and help her prepare the house. And to cook the 2 pounds of bacon for the BLTs we were making for the kids and parents to eat because the kid likes bacon and we asked him what he wanted. So I did stay home and we did prepare (the best you can in such a situation).

I should also insert here that I had an annoying head cold all week last week that has prevented me from getting very much sleep. Boo-urns.

Anyhow, the party went well. My best friend from high school lives in the same town that we live in (we don’t live in the town we grew up in) and has a kid aged between my kid’s ages. He showed up a few minutes early and things got a bit wonky for a bit, with the kids running around pretending to be pokemon, which entails SCREAMING things like “I CHOOSE PIKACHU” and things like “NO, I CHOOSE PIKACHU”.  So things were a bit intense as other guests started to arrive. Luckily my son had some Pokemon cards lying around and so I had them play a game of “war” using the Pokemon cards because I didn’t have time to read or explain the proper Pokemon rules. This calmed things down enough.

Saturday we had my wife’s family and my family over for the “family round” of the party. My kids always enjoy hanging out with their cousins who are all around their age. They actually played quite a bit of Minecraft on the XBox. Luckily we have three controllers so nobody had to wait too long to play. Normally I would balk at them playing video games while visitors were over, but they actually interacted more with each other while building in the game.

Here is where I learned that the driver’s side window regulator of my car busted and the window is now stuck in the down position. Luckily we have a garage because otherwise I’d have 2 inches of snow in my car. I repaired the other window myself in the Summer so I know I can fix this one but I have to wait for the part to arrive in the mail. Also it is a pain in the butt to take the door apart to fix this. Boo-urns Part 2.

Sunday was church and a bit of grocery shopping. I got a craving for Shamrock Shakes and my wife made some for all of us and I have to say hers tasted the same or slightly better than the McDonalds version. So good.

Sunday was also a day of a massive headache for me, due to sinuses I think. So I spent some time on the couch when I’d have rather forced the kids outside to play in the snow.

So, anyway, quite the weekend. I could really use another one.

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