My Back Is Broken In A Non-Metaphorical Way


I’m not sure why everybody who commented on my post about how Marge Simpson is hot with her hair down thought I was joking, but oh well.

I had the day off yesterday because they closed the place. This is quite rare, like once every five years. My younger self would have been ecstatic to have the day off to sleep in and do nothing, but those days are long gone. My kid had me up at the usual time and I had to tend to the driveway.

The Uni closed for good reason. We had freezing rain late into the night and guess what? That freezing rain froze everywhere. My driveway was a sheet of ice in the literal sense. I mean, next winter I’m hoping to have a backyard skating rink. I had a front yard one yesterday. And the thing with those are you need to remove the ice as promptly as possible because if not, you’ll just have an icy mess the next morning.

So I spent roughly (a fitting word) two hours clearing the driveway yesterday. Just back breaking stuff. My wife offered to help, but her neck was sore already and I know chip chip chipping away at ice would not help.

It was not all bad, though. I took the daughter with me to the local comics shop to pick up our stash on new comic book day. To be honest, we’ve been battling each other all week and it was nice to spend some time with her. Of course she talked me into buying her a graphic novel, and of course I then had to buy her brother one. But there is something nice about taking my daughter to the same shop my Dad use to take me to, parking in the same parking garage, and walking the same streets. It’s good for the heart.

But yeah, today, bring on the coffee and pain meds.



5 thoughts on “My Back Is Broken In A Non-Metaphorical Way

  1. I live in a loft, therefore NO SHOVELING FOR ME! However, I haven’t always lived in said loft… so if I could give you coffee and a hot pad through the internet I would! I’m extremely ready for winter to be gone of itself!

  2. We had freezing mist the other day – in the half hour it took me to drive to work, my car became encapsulated in a sheet of ice that was still hanging on yesterday. Our driveway didn’t turn into a sheet of ice, luckily, but the mist never turned into outright rain, or it probably would have. Evidently what we were supposed to get must have gone further east than anticipated. *passes ibuprofen and heating pad*

    Here’s hoping winter is soon gone! 🙂

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