Daylight Savings, Daylight Schmavings


The reading of Go Dog Go! at my daughter’s 3rd Grade class went really well. I had a really fun time with the kids and made some new friends. I want to write a longer post about that, though, but don’t have the energy in my right now.

Daylight savings. Please bite me.

We had an action packed weekend. Saturday we drove to the nearest Toys R Us (45 minutes away) because I promised the son he would. That turned into pretty much the entirety of our Saturday. The kids enjoyed it but I could have come up with more relaxing endeavors.

Sunday was church. But first the kids woke me at 6:10 (of course my body felt it was 5:10). He knew this was okay because I explained daylight savings time to him. I don’t know why I did this. Temporary insanity?

After church I started working on my car. For those that don’t remember, my window was stuck in the down position. On my car model, this means replacing the “window regulator”. It is not a difficult fix, as in you need a bunch of tools. However, Honda hasn’t exactly made it super easy to disassemble the door frame to get to the window regulator. Anyway, I got this repair halfway done before we had to head out the door for ice skating courtesy of the kids’ PTO…

Luckily my parents moved to town last year because I had to call my Dad to take us to the skating rink since my door was half apart and my wife was volunteering with the church Youth group. So we skated for a few hours, which was fun. It felt amazing, to be honest, to be out on the ice. Of course I’m feeling it today.

Last night, once the kids were in bed, I finished fixing my car, almost without incident. I got it all put back together, tested the window and (woo hoo!) it went up and down like it should. Then I pulled on the door handle to open the door and it wouldn’t open. I hadn’t reattached the metal arm that makes the door handle actual open the door. Luckily I hadn’t parked too close to the wall otherwise I’d have spent the night in my car in my garage.

Tonight I have my in-person writing critique group at which I will drink too much coffee and then not be able to sleep tonight. Yay!



6 thoughts on “Daylight Savings, Daylight Schmavings

  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! We did, too, and I’m really feeling it today. Of course, I get more rest at work than I do at home, so I’d actually rather be here than there. 🙂

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