Two Unrelated Things

RAIGN – Knocking On Heavens Door (cover)

This song played at the end of Season 2 finale of The 100. In the context of that episode it was quite powerful.

And I’m still reeling from Terry Pratchett’s death. I’ve read several remembrances in the past day, but this one was the best: There is no Past Tense of Terry Pratchett.

“All around us, people are trying to destroy the very possibility of that world. Some of them work with machine guns and some of them work with balance sheets, but Terry Pratchett was visible evidence that they all have to be mocked and scorned and hunted and fought. There can’t be Terry Pratchetts in the world they intend for the rest of us, which is proof enough that their world is a pile of shit.”

Lucky for us, I guess, that he left all those books behind.


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