Happy New Episodes of Community Day

So, two new episodes of one of my favorite shows, Community, released today. I haven’t watched them yet, but plan on it during my lunch break. You can watch them here: Community on Yahoo Screen.

It was a dark day last Fall, when NBC cancelled Community. Ratings weren’t great, but were stable. And I don’t think the current ratings system really captures how many people watch a show anymore. I mean, having kids, I can’t always be at the television at the exact moment a show “airs”. So I catch up on Hulu. Which doesn’t count on Nielson.

But then, at the last hour, Yahoo (not Netflix or Hulu) swooped in and saved the show. And they’ve actually been advertising the show and promoting it, as opposed to NBC. Obviously, I hope it does really well. But either way, we get at least a few more episodes.


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