John Madden hockey: The making of NHL ’94 – Read-Only Memory

NHL ’94 is probably the greatest videogame ever made. That might be hyperbole, but I stand by it. We played the crap out of my Super Nintendo copy of NHL ’94 in the dorms my freshman year of college. So many good memories of that game.

Anyhow, here’s an article with some details of how NHL was made.

“These games were resonating not only with a generation of sports fans, but also with the players themselves (see: Ken Baumgartner) and sometimes even their spouses. On one occasion, after shipping one of the Madden games, Brook received a call from the wife of San Francisco 49ers cornerback Eric Davis. She didn’t understand why her husband’s rating was so low and why he wasn’t featured in the starting lineup because, as she made very clear, he was a starter. Brook, who had done all the ratings himself, had to explain that the lineups (and ratings) were made before the season started, so congratulations to her husband for moving up the depth chart, but her husband’s depiction in the game was based on all the available information at the time. She was still not satisfied and hung up. A couple of minutes later, Eric Davis’ agent called and Brook had the same conversation with him.”

via John Madden hockey: The making of NHL ’94 – Read-Only Memory.


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