Dear Weather, Just No. Stop it.


As I’m sure you all remember, I reported yesterday that it was a nice 50 degrees at lunch and I was able to get outside and walk a few miles. You might also remember that I said it felt so good. It was 33 degrees at lunch today. And so…

I drove to the beer distributor during my noon break.

I know how it’s no fun to read about or talk about the weather. Sorry (not really).


8 thoughts on “Dear Weather, Just No. Stop it.

  1. Iowan here… Same exact situation. It’s a balmy 26 today… but supposed to be 50 tomorrow and 60 Sunday! What gives! Then the nicest days all have “Wind Advisories” along with them. *crawls under 5 blankets and curls into corner of couch until June*

  2. Oh, weather. It’s a good portion of what I talk about. Whether good or bad, it’s hard not to talk about the weather cuz it’s always changing. At least it is here, anyway.

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