Yes, I’ve Seen The Trailer

I, like pretty much everybody else in the world, saw the new Star Wars movie trailer. The above image is what stuck out to me the most.

At first, I didn’t notice the downed X-Wing in the foreground. I only noticed the Star Destroyer. But then I watched the trailer again and immediately sought out this particular shot. It makes me want to write a novel about the people living on some remote planet. People that had no stake in the wars from the title, were neither rebels nor imperials. But a Star Destroyer crashed on their planet, just narrowly missing their tiny hut out there in the desert.

It was something like they had never seen. But it was there. And they just salvage the tech from the thing. Maybe some of their primitive scientists get their hands on it. Maybe this jump starts their entire civilization.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new movie. And I’ll admit I’m jaded by most blockbuster movies right now. I’m jaded. I’m tired of superheroes and the constantly retelling of their origins. I want original stories. But this is Star Wars. They have, hopefully, learned the lessons of the prequels. They are using physical models rather than total CGI. They are attempting to make us actually care about the protagonists this time. It’s Star Wars!

I don’t know. Sometimes it feels nice to not be jaded and just be excited for something. However, if it’s bad…


3 thoughts on “Yes, I’ve Seen The Trailer

  1. Every so often something fresh does appear, but it gets popularised to “blah”. I also seek out the novel and unusual. I love a story that I could not have imagined the ending too. Write the story?

  2. Honestly, even if it’s bad we’ll probably enjoy because it’s Star Wars. I’ve heard so many people trash the prequels, and many of them were right. They are inferior to parts IV, V, and VI is many ways, but they were still fun to watch. I can’t complain too much about any movie that let’s me watch Yoda bounce around during a ligthsaber fight. I may not be the first person in line opening night wearing a Darth Maul mask, but I will watch them.

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