Short Story ToRead: Someone to Watch Over Me

I came across this short story yesterday on Cory Doctorow’s tumblr and just needed to spread the word further because it is excellent. It’s got a real 1984 vibe to it that I enjoy.

“Amala’s got a new job: monitoring paroled prisoners’ CCTV feeds. What she sees isn’t nearly so disturbing as who sees her seeing it. A tale of science fictional horror from the new Black Candies – Surveillance.”


“Everything you need to know is in the computer,” said Duggan, leaning across Amala to switch on the display. The computer was a fat black tower, a blue power light staring unblinking from the front panel. It looked sleek and powerful, at odds with the shabbiness of the office. She glanced around the room, taking in long desks lined with other computers, operators wearing headphones hunched over their displays.

via Cory Doctorow: Fiction: Someone to Watch Over Me.


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