Color Photos from 1913!

I came across this article yesterday on mashup of amazing color photos taken in the year 1913. Head on over there and check them out. Seriously stunning.

It’s funny, because the majority of media we have from this time period is in black and white, my brain almost thinks that the world was without color back then. Stupid brain.

Seriously though, check it out.

Mervyn O’Gorman was 42 when he took these pictures of his daughter, Christina O’Gorman at Lulworth Cove, in the English county of Dorset. He photographed Christina wearing a red swimming costume and red cloak, a colour particularly suited to the early color Autochrome process.

Autochrome was one of the first colour photo technologies, which used glass plates coated in potato starches to filter pictures with dye.

via 1913 color photos reveal vivid reds like you’ve never seen.


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