Via Slate: On The Briefcase, poor Americans have to “prove” themselves

This show sounds like an enormous pile of excrement.

And I guarantee the majority of those watching this show, judging these people, and patting themselves on the back are one illness/job layoff/honest mistake from finding themselves in the exact situation as those they are judging. Or maybe they did have things happen in their lives but were able to survive it because they had someone in their lives to fall back on like a family member. And yet these people will act like they’ve achieved all of this success on their own.

But the rich in this country, those that want to pay less taxes and eliminate programs such as welfare (because they got theirs so screw everybody else), they’ve already won. They already have the rest of us convinced that the poor are only poor because they are lazy. Because they are bad people. Which has no basis in reality, of course. But that ship has sailed, I’m afraid.

But I bet this show will be a massive success. And now I’m mad because before I read this article I would have had no idea this show even exists. Happy Friday.

“America perceives poverty as a moral failure, which is why the participants on The Briefcase have to perform generosity to such an extreme degree. These people have to “prove” themselves as virtuous—to themselves, to one another, but in particular to a viewing audience at home—to show how unlike other poor people they are. We’re not really poor, we just had a string of really bad luck, unlike those other people who are poor on purpose. I’m not suggesting the families on the show aren’t actually nice. In fact, many of them seem incredibly loving and wonderful, people any of us would be lucky to know. But even assholes are entitled not to live a life of abject suffering. Why does the burden of helping “struggling” people fall on other struggling people? Is Les Moonves pulling his car over to throw up because he’s so paralyzed by trying to do the right thing? If he is, make a show about that. If he’s not, make a show about why not.”

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