I’m not dead

As far as I know, anyway. But what is reality, anyway?

Time keeps on slipping into the future. I’m starting to feel the itch to write again, though.

I’m not going to start another novel again, though, until I have at least a chapter outline on paper. So never?


9 thoughts on “I’m not dead

  1. If I had to have a complete outline before I started writing, yeah… I’d never write. Pantsing FTW! heh 😉

    Nice to see you and the Steve Miller Band here today…

      • I think I’m settling into something in between, too, despite my preference for pantsing. Mostly, though, I’m a muller. I find I spend a lot of time mulling, brainstorming, etc, before I ever start writing. I used to struggle with that not-writing part, but am learning to embrace my “process”.

  2. Have you considered short stories? I spent years trying to write a novel and finding that I just couldn’t do it. I had a go at short stories and found I was more suited to that length. There are still lots of places online that publish short stories; some even pay for fiction. But the point, of course, is exposure and experience.

  3. Tackling a novel took me three years for my first one (these 3 years were preceded by years of wanting to start a novel but never committing). It’s not a light undertaking but it is possible. I look at it like running a marathon, the first one is the hardest, after that you know you can do it. It’s still hard but the first one is the hardest (at least it was for me).

    Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis, come up with a rough plan and go for it, the real work comes in the rewriting when all is said and done. Best of luck and I’m sure something will come eventually.

  4. I write childrens books, but it is a lot of work also. It is a lot of work to do both the story and the illustrations. Especially since I am a beginner in illustrating. I say, keep to ur writing and take it step by step.

    If you don’t like doing outlines, I would suggest doing a paragraph summary for each chapter. Once you do the paragraphs for each chapter, you can break down each paragraph.

  5. I’m struggling with this too at the moment! I have a small outline but I think fear is getting in the way? Fear of what, I’m not sure of yet, ha ha! What are you doing to prevent writers block? Do you think going out for walks help? 🙂

    • That little voice in your (my) head is the worst and cannot be trusted.

      Walks help a lot. It gets you outside where inspiration lives, and also away from technology that distracts the brain (leave your phone in your pocket)

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