I Finished Something!

So my daughter has been getting into writing lately. At the beginning of the school year she challenged me with a writing prompt and I accepted it. And I had a pretty good idea and wrote some of it. And then I got lazy and it just sat.

And I felt bad. But not bad enough to finish writing it. Until yesterday.

Around 11:30 last night I finished up that little story. It’s only 3,000 words. But man did it feel good to finish something. Like, truly amazing.

The best part was that writing was fun again. It’s rarely actually fun for me anymore. And I hit the zone. And oh did that feel good. I think some of the stuff I wrote is pretty good, actually. Some of the stuff is really funny. I’ll post it here once my writing critique group gets the first look at it.

So what did I learn? Well, I think I learned that’s it is okay to start something and to not immediately finish it. And that it’s okay for even a short story to take months to write. What is important, though, is to just finish the thing. That is the key. Just finish it even if The End happens months or years after you started.


9 thoughts on “I Finished Something!

  1. Yes i have found that to be very true in the last year . Approaching writing like that nurtures creativity and being adventurous which leads to the best writing

  2. Good Work. Writing (I find) is like 75% discipline and 25% inspiration. I say this as I stare at a 100,000 word manuscript that I’m terrified to re-write, but I’ll take it one chapter at a time…starting tomorrow haha.

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