Love Always Wins…Sometimes


They say Love always wins. But we have actual data from the real world on this.

In fact, I’d say Fear has a much better record. Like, Fear has like a .800 winning percentage. Not undefeated, but really very impressive. Fear is the New England Patriots.

But yeah, Love does win. Sometimes. But let’s not get carried away and brag about it.

11 thoughts on “Love Always Wins…Sometimes

  1. But maybe, just maybe, fear winning is losing a game. Love winning is winning the Super Bowl. So maybe we endure the losses looking for the Big Win. At least, I hope so.

  2. That kind of feeling is the worst messenger… since give the opponent the feeling they won. I don’t know if you refer to the actual terror given to the whole planet from IS…
    I just don’t want to give them the satisfaction to scare me…
    Serenity :-)c

  3. Fear wins because it is a simple emotion, easy to give in to. It takes strength and persistence to allow love to prevail. Love is hard work so people fall into fear. If humans could fly we would consider it work and still drive every where.

    I have a close relationship with fear, I know all it’s tricks. Fear cheats, fear plays dirty, people need to know this and make the effort to bring that average down to at least 50/50.

  4. Well, I was super kind. And It worked. But then ppl start to wonder…Does she have a bad day. Next day after I wondered what they might be wondering. I had a Less-great day. and the next day after is now…equilibrium. not over joyed. not sad. but neutral. maybe neutral always wins? Centered. yeah
    -Carmen Cacalano
    Plz follow my sites if you haven’t already. -Writings
    and -paintings
    That way I can be in your reader. that’d be great bc I’m a great writer/poet/painter. and I need ppl to see me. (Nothing wrong with that) -I follow you by the way.
    Have a super day!

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