Are You Frightened?



Are you scared? It’s okay if you are. We all are. Everybody was. Our parents were. Our Grandparents were. George Washington was. It’s okay.

But do you live in some rural area in the middle of the United States, some little town with like a thousand people and no stop lights? Are you absolutely convinced some terror group or whomever is gonna knock down your door and chop off you head? Don’t be, because they won’t.

I get it. We live in a globally connected world. Bad stuff is happening all the time, and God knows our media wants us to know about it. Because fear sells. And that’s what those 24 hour news stations are about: selling you stuff. Telling you about all the good things in the world just isn’t what anybody pays attention to, unfortunately.

So if you are feeling afraid I suggest you turn it off. Walk away from CNN and Fox News and MSNBC and don’t turn it on for a few days. Shut off the Internet. Walk around in your community. Say hello to people. Smile. It’s not so bad, is it?

I don’t know. I’m nobody to tell you what to do, but this sure works for me.

7 thoughts on “Are You Frightened?

  1. You are still statistically more likely to be killed by so many other things besides terrorism that fear of it is actually irrational. Good advice, being scared of terrorists is what they want so by being scared people are letting them win.

  2. we don’t even have TV. We read the Newspaper…well, some of us do…and listen to radio and watch DVDs We see a television with cable on it tuned into the news every time we go out to the convenient store..but that’s it. we read. Talk. And maintain a family life. that works for us! Definitely have noticed that without all of that….That interactions with other people and the environment…walking around….Are so much more worthy and sincere!!!

  3. It’s funny to think that every age has its own fears and really, ours are inflated out of all proportion. Or misplaced. Surely climate change is something we should fear more than terrorists knocking on our doors!

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