Viewing the Internet Through One Squinted Eye


We are heading to see the new Star Wars movie on Sunday, because I don’t like people enough to watch it opening day (or night). I’m hopeful things are less busy by then.

I don’t want a lot from this new movie. All I really want is to care again about the characters. Make me feel something beyond “ooh explosions and R2-D2 and lighty sabers”. That’s all I really want from a story anyhow, make me care about the characters (love or hate, or most preferably both) and make me feel something.

So yeah, I’m kinda skimming the Internet today, trying to avoid spoilers. And I’ve learned not to trust reviews that claim “no spoilers”.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a little Christmas 100 word story like I do every year. Stop back and check that out. I promise it will contain no mention of Star Wars.