Back in da Saddle

Well, the break for Christmas was…nice. It was nice to not be at work, though I wouldn’t say it was restful with two kids in the house. Plus, I had a headcold for a decent chunk of break and that just made me feel tired. But it was nice all the same, but now we’re back at it.

Here are some things that might I found cool that you might enjoy too:

Cartoonist Kate Beaton makes these lovely journal comics ever year and though I don’t know her, they are a joy to read. You should check them out. Click the link at the link I provided and then expand the comic in your web browser. They are a real treat, those comics.

Over the break I came across a BBC Four show on Netflix called Detectorists. It’s a comedy, but a quiet comedy at that. But the backdrops in the scenes are gorgeous as is the music, such as the theme song:

Well, that’s all for now. Back to the ole grind. These sprockets aren’t gonna make themselves. Yet.