Excellent Article About Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I came across this article on Wednesday and just had to share it here. It’s about Rey from the new Star Wars movie. About why she is important and how well her character was written.

As a dude, I don’t have a lot I feel I should add to this, other than I enjoy seeing diversity in characters in entertainment, and also since I have a daughter I’m excited for her to have characters such as Rey to watch.

When I was growing up, a 90’s Super Nintendo Controller wielding little brat, all I wanted was adventure. Slowly and resolutely I learned that there were terms and conditions placed on my participation. That there were compromises that needed to be made in order for me to be brought along with the lads on the quest. Stay quiet, stay nice, stay small. Find compromises. My childhood was full of loud, bright video games in which I had no place. I played the Legend of Zelda and imagined Link, the protagonist, as a girl. Caught the solid 150 Pokemon in 1998, you know. Named my boyish sprite Sarah. Compromises. I wrote stories where girls were adventurers because I couldn’t find enough of them in my own life – I still write these stories, to this day. Because I have been sick of compromising for too long.

Rey does not compromise, and is not written into this story as a compromise.

The article contains spoilers but is worth a look:

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