A Little Thanks Is Nice

It’s been cold the last few days. And by cold I mean “why is the Earth actively trying to kill me” cold. I’m actually okay that it is cold. I live here for a reason. I like seasons and right now the season is Winter and it’s supposed to be cold. I’m happy that today, however, we are having a heat wave and the temperature is a balmy 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

I made some breaded chicken breasts in the oven last night. It was truly minimal effort but it turned out pretty well. I was particularly happy that the daughter (9 going on 16 years old) enjoyed it enough to tell me how good it was. She’s super smart and has a good heart, though that heart doesn’t always shine through to the surface. So for her to clear her plate it is a big deal. And it made the little time I took to prepare the meal worth it. It was nice.

There’s no real point to this post other than it’s a good thing to tell people you appreciate what they do, and tell them when they’ve done something good. And when you are on the receiving end of the compliment, it’s a good thing to take a moment and let the compliment wash over you. And let it lift your spirits, even on a bitterly cold day.

12 thoughts on “A Little Thanks Is Nice

  1. You have a great way with words! I feel like the winter is trying to kill me too but instead of stating it so perfectly as you did, I am vowing to stay inside, possibly even in bed if I can pull it off, until spring. Love that you saw a glimpse of gratitude from your daughter. Again, so well put! Have been there, too! You may need to change “struggling writer” to “nailing it.”

  2. When I was young and I won an award or earned a compliment, I just let it go right past. There were bigger things in the future, right?

    Now the awards and compliments don’t come quite so often and I wish I had stopped and appreciated them more when they did!

    • One of the compliments I really miss and feel almost embarrassed to admit are the ones I used to get from my grandmothers. Those “you are so handsome” compliments. I miss them because of the source and just because it’s nice to hear sometimes.

  3. I find it reassuring to know I’m not the only one who’s experienced the 9-going-on-16 phenomenon that girls seem to go through. On the other hand, mine is, at the moment, 13 going on 30, and I think I’d prefer 9 going on 16.

    I thought I was done with the teen years, but they’re only just getting started. What I wouldn’t give to have them all out of the way again…

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