Stephen King – Comic Books based on Dark Tower

Apparently, Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels are being adapted to comic book form. This is excellent news for me, as I will surely pick them up. USA Today had a quick interview with the author who discusses his involvement with the comics and “Turds of Steel”. Check it out Stephen King fans.

Y: The Last Man – Free

Over on the DC comics web site they have several Vertigo first issue comics for free. This includes Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and the excellent Y: The Last Man. I am definitely downloading Y: The Last Man as I have never read issue one. I recommend this one to non-comics readers and it is very well written, though it has some adult content. The comic deals with what happens when all of the world’s men, save one, are killed by a mysterious plague.

I think it is smart for the comic book companies to continue to release first issues of their more popular titles because it takes away the risk factor for the reader. It is always a pain in the butt to spend money on something only to find Idon’t care for it. If it is free, though, and I dig it I may go ahead and buy a few issues.

Superman/Batman #26 – Sam’s Story

Though I have yet to write about them here, I am a big comic book fan. I have been since I was a kid. In fact, I have an account at my local comic book store, The Comic Swap, which is a list of comics they set aside for me each month. The Comic Swap also sends out a weekly email newsletter, telling all us junkies what is new for the week. It was there I first learned about issue #26 of Superman/Batman.

In June of 2005, Sam Loeb, son of comic book writer Jeph Loeb, died of cancer three years after he was diagnosed with the disease. Issue #26 of the comic titled Superman/Batman was written by Sam Loeb and is also a tribute to this courageous young man. A discription of this issue can be found here: link. A description of the type of person Sam Loeb was can be found here: link. All of the fees and royalties will be donated to a special fund in honor of Sam Loeb.

The above story touches me as a writer and as a future parent. I will definitely be picking up a copy of this comic, and hope many other readers do as well.