Some Music Of A Certain Style

Some music I’ve for you that I’ve stumbled across this week. Unrelated, I’ve shipped off my Chapter 12 of my novel in progress and am excited to hear what my critique partners have to say about it on Monday night.

Also, I’m reading Go Dog Go! to my daughter’s third grade class this afternoon and I’m actually a little nervous about it.

Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire

Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire

It was -6 F this morning when I woke, and that was is the actual temperature on the thermometer, none of this “real feel” crap. It’s up to 8 degrees now, and it feels warm. Warm, meaning you can walk outside for a few moments without losing your will to survive or cutting open a smelly animal and crawling inside (Star Wars reference homey).

So, have a song. I dig it.

RAIGN – Empire Of Our Own

RAIGN – Empire Of Our Own

So I’ve been watching this show The 100. I had it in my queue on Hulu since it came out last year, but never could quite get myself to watch. Sometime in January I was thinking for a show to binge and decided to give it a shot.

Episode 1 of season 1 was very CW-y and YA-y. I nearly shut it off, to be honest. But I powered through. Episode 2 was a little better, and by the halfway point of season 1 I was hooked. They toned down the “teen speak” and settled into a pretty fascinating Science Fiction distopia.  The season 1 finale was pretty rad. But without spoiling things, there is an episode in season 2 that just had me saying “no way” to the screen. It was, to use an overused word, epic.

The 100 has a couple things going for it. The writing is brave. They aren’t afraid to have a character die if that’s what the story needs. Like, main characters. Nobody is safe, and not in a cheap way.

Second, the female characters in the show kick butt. And lead. And they aren’t just male characters in female containers. They are deep, and flawed, and respected as leaders and make mistakes and do the right thing.  I feel awkward talking about it, but you just need to see it.

So yeah, The 100 is a good show that deserves more viewers. It has already been renewed for a 3rd season. The above song was featured in the most recent episode which prompted this post. I liked it.

80’s Pump Up Montage Music Mix

I have another blog post half-ready to go but I had to share this first. After I listened to this 80’s training montage I fought and defeated 42 bad guys. With my bare hands. And you will too.

Blood Bros: First Blood. DSJ & DJA are BLOOD BROS! TRAIN! FIGHT! WIN! Mix created by DJA and DSJ, use as inspiration when running on the beach, hitting the bag, training for the greatest battle of all time and celebrating the triumph!

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1. Kumite (Main Title) – Paul Hertzog – Bloodsport 2. Higher And Higher – Craig Wedren – Wet Hot American Summer 3. The Glow – Willie Hutch – The Last Dragon 4. Thunder In Your Heart – John Farnham – Rad 5. No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper – Rocky IV 6. Break The Ice – John Farnham – Rad 7. Montage – DVDA – South Park 8. Training Montage – Vince Di Cola – Rocky IV 9. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor – Rocky III 10. Fight To Survive – Stan Bush – Bloodsport 11. The Final Countdown – Europe – Blood Bros 12. No Retreat No Surrender – Stan Bush – Kickboxer 13. Never Surrender – Stan Bush – Kickboxer 14. The Touch – Stan Bush – Transformers The Movie 15. Take It Like A Man – Stan Bush – Blood Bros 16. Dare – Stan Bush – Transformers The Movie 17. Sweetest Victory – Mark Torien – Rocky IV 18. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) – King Kobra – Iron Eagle 19. Now You’re A Man – DVDA – Orgazmo 20. Winner Takes All – Sammy Hagar – Over The Top 21. Burning Heart – Survivor – Rocky IV 22. You’re The Best Around – Joe Espisito – Karate Kid 23. Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti – Rocky 24. Glory Of Love – Peter Cetera – Karate Kid 2

Some Newly Discovered Music

I’ve been discovering some new music lately due to Pandora. Some of these will be old to you all I’m sure, but maybe you’ll find something here to make your day a bit better. Maybe you’ll even find these useful as writing inspiration. Personally, I can’t write while listening to music.

The Pixies – Where Is My Mind

Tristan Prettyman – All I Want Is You

Radical Face – Always Gold

Radical Face – Welcome home

Paramore: Still Into You

Paramore, I’m still into you. See what I just did there everybody? Wordplay, yo.

I got into the band Paramore last year, late to the party as always. They immediately grabbed my ears by the,well, ears and haven’t let go. My favorite all time Paramore song is most likely That’s What You Get. I could listed to that song for eternity and never tire of it. It’s just perfect.

Paramore put out a new album this week, and although their sound has matured, it’s still awesome. The first video I posted above, from the song Still Into You, is from the new album. It makes me happy.

Now, I can’t write and listen to the music at the same time. I get too distracted. Especially when it’s music I enjoy. That said, I can certainly listen to this album before writing to get me in the proper mindset. That is a win.

Can you listen to music while you write?

Epic Epicness

Another music post here. Sorry about that. I’ve been blogging way more about music than I have about writing, which isn’t by design. It’s just that music is moving me more lately. Again, sorry.

Anyway, my wife and I went to see the Scott Pilgrim movie on Saturday for our anniversary. We loved it. In fact, I smiled nearly the entire time we were there.

I read Scott Pilgrim book 1 first but took a chance and gave it to my wife to read while I read book 2. I wasn’t sure whether she would like it or not, since she’s not a total nerd like me. But she loved it and was as keen as I to finish up the remaining books in anticipation of the film. We weren’t disappointed.

As good as the movie was, the soundtrack is possibly even better. I thought I’d share a few of those tracks with you now. This music is a bit different than the stuff I usually post here, but just as good.

Note that “Sex Bob-Omb” is the fictional band Scott Pilgrim plays in. They’re supposed to be high-energy but low-skill, but sound like something that would sound awesome to somebody in their 20s. I think Beck captured this feel pretty well. Metric is a real band. They are awesome.

Metric – Black Sheep

Sex Bob-Omb (Beck) – We Are Sex Bob-Omb

Sex Bob-Omb (Beck) – Garbage Truck