Preview of Charles Vess’ Book

Charles Vess and Dark Horse Comics have a full preview of Charles’ upcoming book of his art up on the web. You really should check it out, it is beautiful work.

You may be familiar with Mr. Vess’ work and not even know it. If you are a fan of Neil Gaiman, you most likely have seen art by Charles Vess. He did the artwork for Stardust, Sandman, and the Books of Magic, all Gaiman projects.

If you are interested in illustrations of myths and fairy tales, you will like his work.

Seriously, go over there and check it out. All 200 pages are there, even the foreward by Susanna Clarke.

1800 Year Old Elvis?

My daughter was sitting on her little potty this morning, big tears running down her cheek, telling me “You’re not going to work today Daddy?” I hope that doesn’t happen every day, because I might have to quit my job.

I found something pretty cool at Boing Boing today, as I often do. They posted a picture of a sculpture from the 2nd Century AD that very much resembles Elvis. The original article is from the Daily Mail. Here’s the picture:

Isn’t that fascinating?