A Roar for Powerful Words

I’ve been awarded the A Roar For Powerful Words Award from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle. Thank you to Szelsofa and Hoodie for giving me this award. It really does mean a lot to me.


Three things necessary to make writing good and powerful

  1. Take me somewhere else – When I read, I read to escape. I don’t mind stories about every day things, but I would much rather have a story take me to a new world, or a place on this world that I didn’t know existed, or on a grand adventure. These are the stories that get my attention, that make me feel alive.
  2. Make me laugh – I like to laugh.  It makes me feel good, whether it be on the radio, on television, or while I’m reading a book.  This goes with the whole take me someplace else thing.  If you are having a bad day, what better way to feel better than to laugh?  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good, well-written story.  It is just an added bonus if it makes me smile.
  3. The Good Guy Wins – Sometimes the world stinks. It just does. People do bad things to each other and they often get away with it (I’m looking at you Bush Administration). The last thing I want from my entertainment is for the wrong people to get their way as if often happens in the real world. I’m not saying everything has to be easy for the “good guy”. Maybe one of the “good guys” even dies. That is fine as long as the “good guy wins” in the end.

And now, I offer this award to:

  • Julie K. Rose – If you love words, you will love her blog. She offers up words regarding myth, folklore & symbolism daily on her blog. Every week she has a weekly podcast titled the Word-Hoard in which she defines a unique word and encourages listeners to use it in a sentence. Great fun. If you are into folklore and fantasy things, you should check out her blog.
  • Helen Parocha – She is a writer and a mom and if you read her blog you can see the influence of both. Her posts are often funny but also so well written, she makes me jealous! She is also an award winning author, winning the Children’s Book Council of Australia NSW’s Frustrated Writers’ Mentoring Competition in 2006. Stop on over there, you will like what you read.
  • BeAGoodDad – Mike’s blog deals with parenthood in general, but also with other issues such as Autism (his son has Autism). Most it’s about being a good dad, something I strive for every day.
  • Much of a muchness – Diane creates books, which I think is a writer’s dream hobby. She doesn’t just make books, though. She makes beautiful, lovely, books.
  • Others that have already been mentioned. There are others that have already been awarded elsewhere, so I won’t give the award to them again. Just so you know, though, I love the work you do on your blogs as well.

A Major Award!

fres-floydcraigbrian.jpgDiane gave me an award yesterday because in her words I have “been very supportive of my work and needs some of my ‘exuberant energy’ to cope with his very cute daughter! He still manages to produce a funny, highly readable and instructive blog!”. Such kind words that I really appreciate. If you get a chance check out her blog. She posts many excellent pictures of her amazing bookbinding projects.

Actually, I suggest you check out the blogs of all the people who comment here often, you all do such a great job. I’m basically here trying to share a little of the information I have without sounding too tongue tied. It’s amazing people keep coming back. You all really do keep me writing. Thanks!

I just saw a link on the NaNoWriMo blog today to an blog on which the author is writing a novel based on based on a plot/character poll he posted up on his blog. He was having trouble deciding what his novel should be about, so he asked his readers. Such a good idea (I’m jealous). His blog is called Plotastic. Since he has had so much help writing the novel, rather than keep the profits if it gets sold he’s going to donate them to charity! Amazing.

Look Friday for a post about my upcoming Adult ice hockey league season in which I discuss my game early Saturday morning and how out of shape I am.