Nissan Leaf Test Drive

Here’s a video from an internet show “Fully Charged” in which they give a Nissan Leaf a test drive. It’s a pretty interesting video. You should definitely watch.

So yeah, the Nissan Leaf electric car comes out soon. It’s a pretty exciting piece of technology, to be honest. I don’t plan on getting one right away for two reasons. I park “off street”, so I don’t have a really good way to charge an electric car overnight. Two, I only have a few more payments remaining on my Element and the idea of having no car payments appeals to me very much.

That said, I could definitely see an electric car in my future, preferably with some type of solar powered charger to reduce the carbon footprint even more.

Running on Empty

First of all, I feel like a zombie. And not in a good way. The baby, who I’ve been bragging for five months about due to his mad sleeping skills, has started to wake up every two hour at night. This is not fun at all. I’m exhausted and can only imagine how tired my wife feels. She’s the one who has to feed the little guy at night and watch him and the 3 year old during the day. I wish I could plug myself into the wall to recharge.

Speaking of recharging, there has been some news the last couple days regarding electric cars. Yesterday was news of the Chevy Volt, an electric car that GM claims will get 230 miles per gallon. Dude! The downside to that is the $40,000 initial price tag. Ouch.

Today, comes word of the Nissan Leaf, and a claimed 367 miles-per-gallon. With that is the claim of affordability – around $24,000. I would trade my beloved Element for that in a heartbeat. We’ll see if it actually happens. Above, I’ve posted a little video of the Nissan Leaf. Sounds pretty cool, if you ask me.