I Won Coraline Nike Dunks and a Question

So, a few weeks ago my wife and I went to see the movie Coraline on opening weekend. We both enjoyed the book and I knew we would like the movie as well. Plus it gave us a rare afternoon to ourselves before baby #2 was born.

Anyhow, the movie was great but I also knew that I had to stay to the end of the credits because they were going to give out some secret code for a chance to win the special Nike shoes that are pictured at the top of this post. My loving wife, bless her heart, even agreed to stay to the end with me. Sure enough, at the very end the code “Jerk Wad” was flashed on the screen. I suppose we could’ve just looked up the code on the Internet when we got home, but I wanted to “earn it”.

Anyhow, we got home and I jumped on the Internet to enter the contest. It was a little bit of a challenge, but eventually I found on the website where to enter (it was hidden in a shoebox in Coraline’s room on the website). My wife and my sister’s boyfriend also entered.

Fast forward to last Friday. I get an odd email with the subject “Congratulations – You have been selected as a winner in the Coraline Nike Dunks Giveaway”. I immediately thought it was some type of hoax. I figured they chose the winners a while back. Plus, I never win anything.

It turns out they did announce the winners last Friday, and the email I received was legit. I’m really stoked. First of all, only 2,000 pairs of the shoes were made and given away. Of that 2,000, only 200 or so were made in my shoe size.

Now I have to decide what I will do with the shoes. My wife thinks I should wear them. That’s mostly because the shoes I’m wearing now could best be described as “well loved”. I just don’t like spending money on myself, at least for clothes. I could also auction the shoes. They are pretty rare and would most likely fetch some good money.

Actually, I will probably just display them on a shelf as a bit of memorabilia from a book and movie I love. Maybe I’ll try them on once, just for the kick of it.

Now onto something completely off-topic, but something I’ve thought about recently:

Does the fact that nobody thus far in history has ever seen a time traveler (as far as we know) mean that time travel, to the past at least, will never be invented?

Saw Coraline This Afternoon

I went with my wife this afternoon for a matinee showing of the movie Coraline. We didn’t bring our 2 1/2 year old daughter with us. She stayed home with my parents.

Let me see what I can say about the movie. It was visually beautiful. Never once did I feel like I was watching “animation”. You can tell everything in the movie was hand made and animated with stop animation, rather than computer generated graphics. In the movie Coraline’s parents drive a VW Beetle. It was perfectly detailed in the movie. At one point there was a far away shot of the car and I could see the little VW emblem on the steering wheel (I know this car quite well as I’ve been driving my wife’s Beetle to work now that my car has the car seats in it).

The story was also well done and mostly faithful to the book. It was still just the right amount of creepy and not Hollywood-ified at all. The only quibble I have book -vs- movie wise is the ending. I won’t go into detail there, but I liked the one in the book better. The one in the movie is OK though.

I loved several characters in the movie. Coraline, in particular is well done. A brave, smart, sassy female character in the lead role just like the book. I also really liked the cat and The Great Bobinsky.

There were many kids at the movie today. You kinda have to judge your own kid on that. Obviously “the other mother” in particular was too scary for our 2 1/2 year old. My wife said her suggested age is 13 and up. I said 8 and up would probably be OK. My wife’s rule of thumb was “if you can carry the kid out of the theater, they probably shouldn’t have been there”. The movie is not violent or anything, just a little “dark”.

The more I think about it, the more I want to watch this movie again. I already told my wife I want to buy Coraline when it comes out on DVD. She agreed. This is big for us because we rarely buy DVDs anymore.

We even stayed to the very end of the credits and got the secret code to register to win the Coraline Nike Dunks. My wife is a saint for staying with me the whole time and spotting the code. At the very end it flashed for about 10 seconds, “For those in the know” and then has the code.

Bottom line is I recommend this movie. It is quite unique and enjoyable. Go see it this weekend.

Super Bowl XLIII Catch According To Tecmo Super Bowl

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s Santonio Holmes’ touchdown catch from the Super Bowl as if it happened in the classic video game Tecmo Super Bowl. Check it out. It’s awesome. Thanks to Have a Good Sandwich for this.

The movie Coraline comes out today. I’m very much pumped to see it. My wife and I are probably going to see it tomorrow, probably our last hurrah our together before the baby arrives. The movie has been doing well with the critics such as the New York Times.

If you are planning on seeing Coraline, and have the time, I suggest you go this weekend. If you like well written or stop animation, or unique films, I suggest you go this weekend. You see, Hollywood places an enormous emphasis on opening weekend. A movie does well the first weekend, this generates extra press and buzz. This gets more movies like it made.

If you do go, make sure you stay until the end of the credits, as that’s where you will get the information on how to win the Coraline Nike Dunks.

Coraline Trailer

The contest at The Clarity of Night is now closed.  There were a mind numbing 125 entries posted.  That’s crazy.  Visions of winning the contest and buying Volume 2 of The Absolute Sandman are now out the window.  I’ll now be happy with an honorable mention.  My entry for the contest is #26.  I’m pretty proud of my writing in that one.  I think I was able to get my vision for the story across pretty well. You can still read it over there or at the top of this blog.  I have “stuck” it to the top and will leave it there for a while.

I mentioned the movie Coraline yesterday.  I came across a trailer for the movie today.  It’s pretty awesome.  Here it is:

I Think I’m Being Trained

As many of you know, I am due to be a Dad for the second time at the end of February.  It is an exciting time, but also a time for rest.  After all, in a few months I will be back to the days of waking up every two hours with a baby human.  Not good times.

Anyhow, for the past week or so our 2 1/2 year old has been waking us up in the middle of the night, usually around 2 AM.  Usually she crawls into bed with us and immediately falls asleep.  Still, I think she’s training us for the sleepless nights of a newborn.

It worked out for me last night, though.  As we were all laying there trying to go to sleep I got an idea for the beginning of the last chapter of my novel.  Of course I was laying there, writing the whole thing out in my head, repeating it over and over so I wouldn’t forget.  Eventually I had to walk downstairs and fire up the laptop and type out those few sentences.  My brain wouldn’t let me sleep otherwise.  When I got back upstairs I carried my sleeping daughter across the hall back to her bedroom.

On a different note, I felt bad for a fellow commuter this morning on my drive to work.  I was stopped at a red light and the car next to me was doing the familiar rev-rev.  I have been in this position many times, when your car is so ill you have to constantly rev the engine when you are stopped just to keep it going.  It really is a silly dance.  You have to put the left foot on the brake, while using the right foot to press the gas pedal.  Fail at this and you have a stalled car.  I hope the lady made it to work.

Finally, there has been some cool Coraline stuff go up on the web in advance of the movie.  You can now read the entire novel online.  Also, you can download some cool Coraline desktop wallpapers.  I can’t wait to see that movie.