How I Won The World Cup

I had a cool dream last night. I know, I know, people hate to hear about other’s people’s dreams. Bear with me, though, because I so rarely remember my dreams. And, in this one, I won the World Cup for England!

Here’s how it went. My wife and I are walking past the stadium during the World Cup Final (actually it wasn’t a stadium, more just a flat piece of land like kids play on) and there is an injury in extra time. Somehow, they choose me to enter the game (even though I’m American and not eligible for the English National Team – surely the only thing holding me back 🙂 ). So, I get the ball and go on a run towards the goal. I get tackled hard in the penalty area and am awarded a penalty shot.

So, I line up for the shot. No butterflies in my stomach. No nervousness. No little voice in my head telling me “you’re gonna miss this”. Pretty much the opposite of what would happen in real life. I take my shot, low and strong on the ground, just inside the right post. The goalie had no chance.

The funny thing is, I win the World Cup and the crowd doesn’t erupt in cheer at first. Everything is quiet. I yell out “I won the World Cup!” Everyone looks at each other and then finally start cheering. Then, they bring out the cup and everyone is wondering who should get to carry it around first. Me, being the great sportsman, tell David Beckham he can go first since he’s done so much for soccer throughout the world.

Then my alarm clock rang and I woke up. I’m not sure why I had this dream, but I have clues. My wife and I were watching T.V. last night and some soccer movie was on. I have no idea what it was called, but it was interesting. Also, I read Men’s Health before bed last night. Who is on the cover of that issue? David Beckham.

Anyone else have interesting dreams lately?

It Was Just a Dream, Though

Thanks to everyone who read this blog yesterday and left a comment.  We broke my personal record for most blog views in a single day! Since it was so successful, I plan on continuing “What If Monday” next week.

Before going to sleep last night I was able to do a little work on my current, and hopefully soon to be finished, Christmas short story/flash fiction. I’m trying to finish this story as soon as possible so I can work on my entry for Shimmer Magazine’s, The Pirate Issue . I was pretty happy with the results and rewarded myself by reading The Westing Game (to try to get to sleep as others have suggested). Well, after reading a few pages I was able to calm myself down from my burst of creativity and soon I was asleep. Not long after, I had the strangest dream.

Normally, I never remember my dreams. If I do remember them, I usually only remember the premise and the emotions of the dream, and not many details. So, as I relate this dream to you, don’t hold it against me that I don’t remember what I was wearing or anything like that. Also, stick with me here because this is writing related.

Anyhow, in my dream I had finished my entry for Shimmer Magazine and was pretty proud of it. So proud, in fact, that I actually believed I had a shot at publication. My hopes were soon dashed when I received a rejection letter from the magazine. The part that angered me the most was the reason the gave for the rejection: I use the word “though”too much! Amazingly, in my dream I actually convinced myself that I do in fact use the word “though” too much. Even as I type this, I’m thinking to myself that I must avoid saying “though”.

Anyhow, I hope to complete my current work-in-progress and move on to the Shimmer Magazine entry. I am currently looking for short stories about Pirates to get myself in the mood to write that type of story. I will make sure not to use the word “though”, though.