The Colour of Magic on TV

As you all know I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan. I came across some more Terry Pratchett goodness yesterday and thought I’d share.

It turns out that Terry Pratchett’s novel, The Colour of Money, has been made into a movie and is airing Easter Sunday on Sky One. I don’t really know what Sky One is, other than it is a television channel I don’t get. Therefore, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the DVD release of the movie in the United States.

This is a straight to television movie, but after some digging, I have found it’s a pretty well done t.v. movie. First of all they have a pretty good cast with Tim Curry (one of my favorite movies is Clue) and Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy). Second of all, they seem to have had a decent sized budget.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Click here for the trailer (embedding is disabled but you can still click and view it).

Here is the shorter “teaser trailer” that they are letting us embed:

Also check out this pretty cool interview with Sean Astin on set. There is more video goodness here. Those of you that get Sky One, I hope you get a chance to watch The Colour of Magic. Let me know what you think.


In unrelated news, Julie K. Rose has posted her second Writers & Soundtracks podcast. This one is with erotic fiction writer Megan Hart. Also, Julie had a short story published at the magical realist e-zine, Serendipity. Check it out!

Potter Finally

Well, my wife finished up the Harry Potter book last week, so I am finally able to read it.  I’m about 100 pages in and it has been excellent so far.  I actually haven’t read all the books, but read the first and saw the movies.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to follow the story, but I’ve been sucked in. My wife tells me that things only get more stressful with the story.  We shall see.

The only bad part is that I am only to read for about a half hour each night, with helping take care of my daughter (which is a ton of fun lately, reading books, making her stuffed animals chase her, etc.), blogging, and occasional fiction writing taking the rest of my time.

I’ve even avoided most of the spoilers thus far, which is amazing. Let’s just hope I can keep it that way.

I started a short story, in the fantasy genre, last Friday.  I think it will turn out to be a nice little tale.  I’m aiming for around 1000 words. I may even try to submit it places. If so, I might wait to post it here and instead ask for some beta readers.  I have to finish it first, of course.

The Endicott Studio Journal of Mythic Arts

I’ve been on a Fantasy/Fairy Tale kick lately, what with Stardust and all. While doing a Google search I came across an excellent web site called The Endicott Studio. The site contains art, articles, poems, and short stories with a myth, folklore, and fairy tale theme. It also contains a quarterly (?) online magazine. As far as I can tell, all the content is free although they encourage donations. Here is a link to their Summer 2007 Issue.

In my brief perusing of the site I came across a few poems written by Neil Gaiman: Boys and Girls Together and The Fairy Reel. In searching for this, I see he actually has four poems in their poetry index. Check those out.

In addition to poetry, they also have short stories there. I particularly liked The Man Who Owned the Moon about an old man who had the moon in a jar and placed it on his windowsill each night.

I don’t know why I’m so interested in these types of stories lately. I guess the world we live in is so drab, and dark, and brooding sometimes that it’s nice to read about magic, and fairies, and old men who have the moon in a jar.

Endicott has been around for 20 years so I am just scratching the surface of what is there. Look around.


My Thoughts on Stardust (the movie)

My wife and I went and saw Stardust this past Friday, and early anniversary date for us. I convinced her to do the movie portion of our date on Friday because I wanted the movie to do well it’s opening weekend. We left the decently full theater with smiles on our faces and have been talking about the movie since. I will purchase it when it comes out on DVD (which is saying something because I don’t buy DVDs anymore). I would describe Stardust as a sweet movie, one that for a few hours transported me to a different place.  That’s all I ask.

I thought the acting was solidall around. I particularly thought Claire Danes (Yvaine) and Charlie Cox (Tristan), the movie’s two leads, did a particularly good job. My wife and I liked the effects in the movie where Yvaine (the star) lit-up when she was happy.

Deniro’s part was funny, but since I had read about that before I wasn’t overly impressed or unimpressed. The dead princes did add quote a bit of humor to the story, especially in the way they died and how they reacted to their deaths.

There were a few parts that weren’t included in the movie that were in the book. The little hairy man who was in the book, wasn’t in the movie. He is the Tom Bombadil of the story, helping our hero when he first starts on his journey (interesting considering Bombadil wasn’t in the movie adaption of Lord of the Rings either). The movie started Tristan’s journey in a different way.

I would’ve also liked to have seen more in the village of Wall, but I can understand they were trying to move the story along, and this might be superfluous. Oh well.

Mostly, I just want to see this movie again. I spent the first part of the movie compare it to the book. I think I’ll enjoy Stardust even more the second time, having already made these comparisons. As far as reviews go, all you really need to know is that I want to see this movie again. That is very rare for me.

If you haven’t seen the movie, so to the Stardust Movie site, and watch the trailer. They one there is much better than the ones I have seen previously. I suggest you see it soon, though, because with the less than stellar opening weekend it probably won’t be in theaters much longer.

Seeing Stardust Tonight

Well, I’m off for the afternoon.  I’m babysitting my daughter while her mom goes to the dentist.  Tonight we are going to see Stardust (contributing to a big opening weekend, hopefully).  I will tell you how it is.  Have a nice weekend.  If you get a chance, go see the movie.  Down with sequels (except for Indiana Jones, of course)!

Indiana Jones 4 – Karen Allen Returns!

According to this article and various reports from this year’s ComiCon in San Diego, Karen Allen will be returning for the next Indiana Jones movie!  For those of you who don’t know, Karen Allen was the female protagonist in the first Indiana Jones film and has been in other films such as Scrooged with Bill Murray, and of course the classic Animal House.  They have a photo of Karen up at the official Indiana Jones web site, so check it out.

This news just makes me happy. For one, I like Karen Allen in all the movies I have seen her in. Two, I just love when movies like this bring people back from previous movies.  This makes me even more excited to see Indy 4, and it at least appears that this one will be faithful to the other three movies.  Now, if they can just keep George Lucas away from, well everything, I think they’ll be ok.