Cory Doctorow on FanFic

Locus Online has posted an interesting editorial by Cory Doctorow in which the author praises FanFic. I have never personally written FanFic, but I do think it’s a pretty cool thing and I hope to someday be popular enough to have some of my works be used in FanFic. Doctorow talks about his early writing days, in which he wrote Star Wars FanFic after seeing the movie for the first time (at age 12).

Here is a quote from the piece:

“Walk the streets of Florence and you’ll find a copy of the David on practically every corner. For centuries, the way to become a Florentine sculptor has been to copy Michelangelo, to learn from the master. Not just the great Florentine sculptors, either — great or terrible, they all start with the master; it can be the start of a lifelong passion, or a mere fling. The copy can be art, or it can be crap — the best way to find out which kind you’ve got inside you is to try.”

Here is another:

“Two things are sure about all fanfic, though: first, that people who write and read fanfic are already avid readers of writers whose work they’re paying homage to; and second, that the people who write and read fanfic derive fantastic satisfaction from their labors. This is great news for writers.

Great because fans who are so bought into your fiction that they’ll make it their own are fans forever, fans who’ll evangelize your work to their friends, fans who’ll seek out your work however you publish it.

Great because fans who use your work therapeutically, to work out their own creative urges, are fans who have a damned good reason to stick with the field, to keep on reading even as our numbers dwindle. Even when the fandom revolves around movies or TV shows, fanfic is itself a literary pursuit, something undertaken in the world of words. The fanfic habit is a literary habit.”

Check out the whole article. It is pretty interesting.