Moleskine Anxiety

I have a condition, a condition so stupid I’m afraid to even mention it.  I have Moleskine Anxiety.  I love the feel of the paper in the Moleskine notebook, the texture of the cover, and the solid construction of the binding.  Even though they cost around $12 per notebook, I have several of them and fight the urge to purchase more every time I see one in the store.  Good stuff.  My problem, though, is they are too nice.  I sometimes feel afraid to write in them.

I don’t know why I feel this way.  Part of me doesn’t want to sully the clean, blank pages with my horribly messy scribbles.  Another part of it, I think, is that I usually write my first drafts in my Moleskines, and well first drafts aren’t supposed to be good.  However, when I write in the notebooks I feel those words will last forever.

I have gotten around  my Moleskine Anxiety, telling myself they are only notebooks and really they were made (and purchased) to be written in.  Now and again,though, the Anxiety does return.

I know a few of you write in Moleskine notebooks as well.  Have you experienced anything like Moleskine Anxiety?

Rite in the Rain Notebooks

One of the newsfeeds I subscribe to is of the excellent site Cool Tools, which is a web site about, well, cool tools. They had an item featured the other day that I think would be of interest to all of you who prefer to write in notebooks, or those of you who have an addiction to pens and paper, like me.

The notebooks are called Rite in the Rain Notebooks, and are touted as waterproof notebooks that you can take anywhere without the fear of losing your precious words to the elements. The notebooks come in a variety of sizes.  One of the notebooks mentioned in the article is 3.25 x 4.625 in and will cost you around $2.00 (24 pages).  They also have full size journals which will cost you around $16.

If I wasn’t so poor I’d order one of these and check them out.  Actually, I may order one of the small ones and try it out.  I’m such a sucker for stationary.

Anyone else ever try/heard of Rite in the Rain Notebooks?