A Little Young to Break a Hip?

No, the picture above isn’t of me skating. The little kid in the background on the left, taking a fall? Yeah, that’s me a little bit. Let me explain.

I had my last hockey game last night and it went pretty well. I’ll miss playing, but won’t miss waking up at 5:30 AM on Saturdays. Plus, I could use the time to heal.

Towards the end of the game, as I was rushing to get to a puck before a guy on the other team, we got tangled up a bit and I fell to the ice, landing on my hip/bum. It hurt a bit at the time, and hurts worse now. Sitting on my chair, I have to lean to one side otherwise it hurts too much. Also, whenever I get up I make the”argh” sounds of an old man. I’ll be ok, but it will be a few days before the pain goes away. Just a bruise I suppose. Don’t worry, there will be no pictures 🙂

Anyhow, my wife is feeling a little better. She is tired and has a bit of a sore throat, but is getting better. In fact, she left a comment here yesterday regarding my beard. Here it is in case you missed it:

Thank you for all your support. I cannot wait till Mr. Porcupine has walked off of Struggling Writer’s face. When I dream, he’s still clean-shaven at least. The hardest part is when we kiss, because I get pricked by all the little beardy hairs. Icky!!!! P

I would shave it off if he fell asleep before me, but that never happens because I’m so tired from taking care of our daughter and working every other night. But, I’m really not mean, and I would never do that. ;)

The funny thing is two of my co-workers that are from out-of-state think it’s hilarious for hunters here to grow beards during hunting season. They have yet to see Struggling Writer’s beard, though. I still think it’s funny to grow hair to support a sports team. Why not print out a banner and hang it in the window? Or, buy a little Iceberg Penguin for his office? Any more suggestions would be welcomed.

Our kitchen: We just need to do some touch ups on the edges, but after that, we’ll post picts.

Mrs. Struggling Writer

Yeah, she’s not a big fan of the beard. 🙂 Feel free to respond to her, I’ll make sure to show her your comments.

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