Radio Waves Cure Cancer?

I saw this amazing story on Gizmodo yesterday about a man who has leukemia and has found a potential cure/no side effects treatment for cancer using radio waves.  John Kanzius could ‘t sleep one night due to his chemotherapy and started to think. He got the idea that radio waves could kill cancer cells and decided to build a prototype machine using pie pans and conducted tests on hot dogs injected with copper sulfate—the radio waves only heat up metal spots, the theory being this will kill just the copper infused cancer cells, without harming any of the other cells.

It’s an amazing story and it just might work. They are doing clinical trials right now. Go ahead and click on the link and watch the video from 60 Minutes. It’s an inspiring piece, and I’ll admit I had a bit of a tear in my eye at the end.

This really shows me the strength of the human spirit and how when faced with an enormous challenge and possible end of life, people will do all in their power to just get a little bit more time. Mr. Kanzius may not make it to see the cure, but just possibly he will have helped those that come after him, and that has to be comforting.

Speed of Light Broken

I’ll have a writing post up here later today. In the meantime, The Telegraph is reporting that two German scientists are claiming that they have broken the speed of light. From the article:

“The pair say they have conducted an experiment in which microwave photons – energetic packets of light – travelled “instantaneously” between a pair of prisms that had been moved up to 3ft apart.

If this is true, which is an enormous if, then we will be exploring the far reaches of space in no time. I’m sure scientists across the world are rolling their eyes at this. However, I guess you never know. Was Einstein wrong? We shall see.

I guess if you start noticing strange things, you swear you did something but it turns out you didn’t, I guess this was true and time travel is now possible.  Actually, these guys just create a new universe. Thanks.

The Speed of Light

The following are some thoughts I had the other day. Maybe it will spark a story idea in someone, or a discussion in the comments. Sorry if anyone of you find this post boring. I will return to my usual family/writing posts tomorrow.

It is known that the light we see from stars at night originated long ago. In other words, when you look up at the sky you are peering into the past. It could be that a star you see tonight doesn’t even exist any more. With the help of the Hubble telescope, Astronomers are able to see further into the universe’s past. I was contemplating this the other day and a few questions came into my mind.

Lets imagine that in the distant future we are finally able to travel at the speed of light. In fact, let’s say we are able to travel beyond the speed of light. Assuming we somehow manage to have unlimited or regenerating fuel, call it “Magic Pixie Dust”, would we be able to travel far enough to witness the birth of the universe? As soon as our vessel stopped, would time suddenly catch up to us?

O.K. so we were able to witness the birth of the universe. Would there be any way to communicate this information with our peers on Earth? By the time we returned to Earth it would be millions of years later, or if we never slowed down, could we return to Earth just after we left on our journey. Or, would we have to somehow send our message at speeds beyond the speed of light in order for it to return to Earth in time.

Who knows the answers to any of these questions? Our children’s, children’s, children’s, etc. will not know the answers. Man may never achieve the speed of light. It is fun to think about what if, though.