Holiday – Day 4

Well, today was a contrast to the day yesterday. I only left the house to drop some bills off at the post office (stupid car payment and natural gas bill). However, it was still eventful.

I got the grass mowed, which we needed. It wasn’t so much that the grass grew that much as they weeds around the grass grew. I’m not one of those types to spend money on having my lawn treated to eliminate weeds, as I’m cheap and it’s silly. So, it needs mowing at least once a week.

We also planted a few Asiatic Lillies in the flower bed. They are my favorite type of lilly. So colorful.

We began the potty training in full today. We are starting the daughter on big girl panties. She did pretty well, although she had a few accidents (though I’m told we aren’t to call them accidents). She was so proud to wear underwear. She told me she had My Little Pony on hers and wondered what was on mine (polar bears). Such fun.

By the way, I wrote a post at about a potty training book, so you may want to check that out.

I have other news, but will wait for a little bit to share that. It’s not writing related, but still good news. ๐Ÿ™‚

The above photo is of the book I just finished reading, The Discworld Graphic Novels. I very much enjoyed it. The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic are two of my favorite Terry Pratchett books, so it was cool to read them with pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ You can view and read the pages of the book here.

Szรฉlsล‘Fa has been running a guess the movie contest on her blog. It’s great fun. You should check out the latest installment.

Well, I hear explosions around me which can only mean one thing: the Fourth of July is near.ย  Tomorrow we’re heading to a cousin of mine’s farm about two hours away.ย  Plenty of home baked food and sunshine are in my future.ย  It should be fun.ย  I’ll post tomorrow if we get home at a reasonable time.

Keep the comments coming!

Holiday Day 3 – Mini Golf

When I said I was having a “stay at home” vacation, the home part was a bit of a gray area. We really didn’t spend much time at home, but it was still a nice day.

First, we had lunch with our friends who are moving to Ohio next week. We all had a good time, but it was bittersweet. Bedsides being really nice people, they also have a son around nine months or so old that I know would be great friends with my daughter in a few years. We’ll keep in touch though, which is easier nowadays via cyberspace!

After that, we headed to the pool for a quick swim. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter had a great time playing with her My Little Ponies in the Kid’s Pool.

After that, we headed to the mini-golf course. The above photo is of the welcome sign that greeted us as we walked toward the main office for the mini-golf course. The course is located on campgrounds not far from our house. Here’s a photo of the course itself. It was very nice.

The gold itself was good. I wound up winning the game ๐Ÿ™‚ and my wife had two hole-in-ones (holes-in-one?). The only hard part was toddler-wrangling as my daughter was more interested in rambling off on her own rather than playing golf with us. She kept my wife and I quite busy.

We live right beside a college town, and I work in that college town, but we also live in the middle of Pennsylvania. Sometimes I’m reminded of that, such as the road name I noticed in the drive home: Killdeer Lane. Sigh.

We finally got home around 7:30 this evening, a nice end to a nice day. My daughter somehow stayed awake until 9:30 and that’s without a nap. She was amazingly still in a good mood.

Well, I hope you all are enjoying these little recaps. They are fun to write. More pics tonight. Maybe even one from the pool!

Holiday – Day 2

Vacation, Day 2. It was a busy one with no pool ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The morning started off well, with my wife, my daughter, and I going to story time at the local library. The above picture is of the building where they held story time. It was my first time at story time, and as my wife says, our daughter is a “squirmy wormy”. In her defense, she was the youngest there. I had a good time, although they did play a quick movie (“The Napping House”) which was a little creepy in that old animation kind of way. My daughter whispered to me “Can we watch a different movie Daddy?” and I agreed.

After that, we all went to the dress shop to meet with my sister and parents to help my sister pick out a wedding dress. My daughter also got the chance to try on several flower girl dresses, and cried each time we put her back in her “regular dress”. She’s lucky she’s cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things went a bit more hectic after the dress shop because the little lady didn’t have her nap. On the plus side, she fell asleep for the evening at 7:30.

Tomorrow, we have lunch with friends, mini-golf in the evening and hopefully the pool in between. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

Holiday – Day 1

Today was Day 1 of the vacation. So far, so good.

I thought I’d share a picture of something from the vacation each day, and today’s picture is of my new sandals, bought with the gift card I got from freeandflawed for my Microsoft Paint drawing. I just bought the sandals of Sunday and love them already.

There’s a reason why it makes sense to post a picture of sandals. It’s because I don’t plan on wearing shoes or socks this entire vacation. You may not know this about me, but I hate shoes and socks. I think I’d take a pay cut from my job if they’d just let me wear sandals or bare feet to work.

We didn’t do too much today. I got to sleep in to 7:00 (a whole 1/2 hour). We went to the pool and had a lot of fun swimming and eating nachos and cheese. My daughter really enjoyed the kid’s pool and didn’t want to come home. If it wasn’t for the ominous black clouds, I wouldn’t have wanted to go home either.

When we got home, my daughter took a nap. Guess what? I took a nap too. Can you believe that? I can’t. Of course when I woke up I felt worse than before I fell asleep. That’s the way it is, I guess.

I haven’t done any fiction writing yet. Tomorrow night is the night. I promise ๐Ÿ™‚ I did write a post at about a potty training book. You can check that out tomorrow (Tuesday).

I guess that’s all for tonight. Check back tomorrow for another picture from my vacation.


Well, I’ve taken this entire week off as vacation from work. You’re probably wondering where I’m going. That’s the best part. I’m going nowhere.

In fact, this will be the first time since I graduated from college that I’ve had an extended time off of work in the summer and I don’t have to travel anywhere. It’s nice to go to places, but I often find I need a vacation to recover from those vacations!

I don’t have much plans this week, besides not burning much gasoline. I’d really like to sleep in a bit, but that’s not going to happen with the human alarm clock in the house wanting to watch The Wiggles. Mostly, I want to not think about work, and spend a bit of time in the sun at the local pool (we have a family membership for the summer). Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to do a little writing in the evenings!

Just so you know I’m having a good time, I give you a picture of me, done by my daughter:

Don’t I look relaxed and happy?

No Potter!

Well, I finally made it home from vacation. The drive home was uneventful, which is what you always hope for that type of thing. The entire drive home (400+ miles) I was excited and nervous to pull up to my house and see that little brown package waiting for me, the final Harry Potter book. My fear the entire time was that the book was delivered, but someone stole it off my front porch. My nightmare was fulfilled when I pulled the car into my parking spot and my wife and I walked up to the front door (with my wife holding our sleeping daughter), there was no book to be seen.

As soon as we had the car unloaded I went into a little panic, checking all around the house, just in case it had fallen into the grass. That fruitless, I headed to the internet, hoping there would be something there that would tell me that my precious book was safe, yet undelivered. First, I checked There was no record that I had ordered the book there. Well, maybe we ordered it under my wife’s name. Nothing. Now I was really starting to get worried. I remembered ordering the book, but what if the order didn’t go through for some reason, I thought. That would really suck.

Next I checked Barnes and Noble under my wife’s name. Nope. It was at this time I might have started sobbing. The last final attempt was Barnes and Noble under my name. Yay! There was an order there. Now the question was where was the book? Did the paper boy take it in a fit of jealosy after delivering the third newspaper and seeing the fruits of his labor unread (we canceled delivery but the delivered anyhow, ugh!)? No. Upon examining my order, it turns out I had the book delivered to my work rather than my house.

I’m not going to work tomorrow, so I will have to wait another day to hold my book. I am almost tempted to go in just to pick it up, but that’s silly. I’m just thankful it wasn’t stolen.

Vacation Update – Part 2

Day 2 of the vacation went well. The night before we each drank a Guinness (my wife and I did, my daughter wasn’t in the mood for beer because she was asleep). Of course I forgot to bring a bottle opener but was able to fashion one out of one of the clothes hangers. My wife called me McGyver, which made us all laugh.

During the day we left our hotel room and traveled to my wife’s aunt and uncle’s house to attend my wife’s family reunion. This was the first time they were all able to meet our daughter and she really stole the show. She was waving to everybody, blowing kisses, laughing, and just stealing everyone’s heart. The amazing thing was she didn’t have a nap the entire day and didn’t get cranky. All in all we ate a lot of food, drank a little beer, talked with a lot of family, and had a good time.

Around 8:00 at night we drove about 15 miles to our second hotel, not knowing what we would find. When we got to our room we were pleasantly surprised. If our last hotel was a Buick, this one was a Lexus. Hopefully we will get a good night’s sleep, wake up early tomorrow, and drive home. Waiting for me there will be..

..the new Harry Potter book. One of the girls at the reunion actually had it there just sitting on the table. I was so close to it I could touch it, but will have to wait until we get home.