Where Has Time Gone?

It’s been a while since I posted here. Since December I see.

I miss the old days of blogging, of visiting “friend’s” blogs and leaving comments. I miss authors who used to blog every day and you got a closeness you really don’t get anymore. Back then “content” and power were in the hands of the people writing, more than large corporations such as Facebook.

And I guess I miss the dream of someday writing a novel and being able to not work this 8-5 thing.

And look there, NaNoWriMo is only 9 days away. Do I dare go down that road again? Do I have it in me to spend the next 9 days trying to get myself to write an outline and the discipline to spend the next month writing? Probably not, but maybe. Who knows?

I feel like I’m dropping this into the void of some long lost community. But those were good times. So why not?

Where had time gone? Where it always goes, forward into the future one second at a time. Have a good day fellow time travelers.

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