Here is a list of the Ficlets I have written:

This list is broken and has been for some time. To actually read my old Ficlets visit this link: My Ficlets.

How to Buy a Time Machine

Sam was having a crummy day, a lackluster week, and a downright disappointing life. His girlfriend broke up with him, his car…

The Search

Stacy reached for a pencil and paper and began to sketch their murderer: late 20’s white male, sideburns, a face that said “t…

His Name is Earl

“Listen Earl,” replied Fender. “I don’t think you realize what we’re dealing with. This isn’t some idle threat. The Gum’Bnds …

Heart Breaker

… Stevie, who was annoying before superpowers, and now downright unbearable, decided lunch would be a good time to test out…

A St. Pat’s Mugging – Part 2.5

“Doesn’t surprise me,” said the policeman. “I’ve dealt with these types in the past. Ruthless buggers.”

“Really?” said Ted, …

The Lonely Whoosh of Space

“Captain, we’ve got a hole the size of an asteroid near Quadrant 25,” said Bill Veruck. “Captain?”

The Captain, the very man…

The Gift

Garret McClean arrived at the crime scene just before midnight, numb to the grisly scene sprawled before him. A man was dead,…

The Gum’Bnds

Leaving a trail of sludge and interstellar waste in its wake, the Legerdemain approached Earth, carrying with it two of the m…

Molten Lava

“A lava lamp?” said Max as they strode into the Wal-Mart nearest the cafe. Though the store was empty, the parking lot was fu…

The Grass is Greener

“High School Algebra?” I said, gathering the few rational brain cells remaining in my blubbering skull. “That must’ve been a …

The End of the World as We Know It

The World was scheduled to end in 3 hours and Max and Fender sat in an empty cafe drinking tea. “Tell me again why we aren’t …

Sweet Carolina, Part 2

I had arrived downtown early for a meeting and needed to kill some time. Unfamiliar with the area, I decided my best bet for …

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4 thoughts on “Ficlets

  1. Hey, SW, can you explain a ficlet to me? I really want to know if it’s something that I should try out. I looked at it the other day, but I don’t understand it at all. If you wanna drop me a comment on my blog, I’ll appreciate it.

  2. On the site it says Ficlets are being closed down this month, January 15th. Too bad. I didn’t even get a chance to read any or know just what a Ficlet is. Hope you kept originals for your own. None of the links are working to show them now. Though the site says they will be available, they appear to have shut them all down early.

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