I Won Coraline Nike Dunks and a Question

So, a few weeks ago my wife and I went to see the movie Coraline on opening weekend. We both enjoyed the book and I knew we would like the movie as well. Plus it gave us a rare afternoon to ourselves before baby #2 was born.

Anyhow, the movie was great but I also knew that I had to stay to the end of the credits because they were going to give out some secret code for a chance to win the special Nike shoes that are pictured at the top of this post. My loving wife, bless her heart, even agreed to stay to the end with me. Sure enough, at the very end the code “Jerk Wad” was flashed on the screen. I suppose we could’ve just looked up the code on the Internet when we got home, but I wanted to “earn it”.

Anyhow, we got home and I jumped on the Internet to enter the contest. It was a little bit of a challenge, but eventually I found on the website where to enter (it was hidden in a shoebox in Coraline’s room on the website). My wife and my sister’s boyfriend also entered.

Fast forward to last Friday. I get an odd email with the subject “Congratulations – You have been selected as a winner in the Coraline Nike Dunks Giveaway”. I immediately thought it was some type of hoax. I figured they chose the winners a while back. Plus, I never win anything.

It turns out they did announce the winners last Friday, and the email I received was legit. I’m really stoked. First of all, only 2,000 pairs of the shoes were made and given away. Of that 2,000, only 200 or so were made in my shoe size.

Now I have to decide what I will do with the shoes. My wife thinks I should wear them. That’s mostly because the shoes I’m wearing now could best be described as “well loved”. I just don’t like spending money on myself, at least for clothes. I could also auction the shoes. They are pretty rare and would most likely fetch some good money.

Actually, I will probably just display them on a shelf as a bit of memorabilia from a book and movie I love. Maybe I’ll try them on once, just for the kick of it.

Now onto something completely off-topic, but something I’ve thought about recently:

Does the fact that nobody thus far in history has ever seen a time traveler (as far as we know) mean that time travel, to the past at least, will never be invented?


16 thoughts on “I Won Coraline Nike Dunks and a Question

  1. No, wear them, Struggling Writer! That will make the most of winning. It is so great you won those!

    You know, once I thought I saw a time traveller the train from Edinburgh to London. (Helen revealed herself as mental). I will have to post about that one day! But in the future they could have strict protocols – they allow people into the past but only if they follow the rules, one of them being that they never reveal themselves. I love the subject of time travel – have you ever read any Connie Willis? I’ve probably asked you that before.

    • Helen – I love time travel stories. My novel is a time travel story. I haven’t read Connie Willis, though.

      I get what you’re saying about protocols. I suppose it’s possible if they were able to enact very strict regulations and only a select few went time traveling.

  2. We never know whether anyone we encounter is a time traveller or not.
    I’m convinced that laws of logic and physics contradict the mere idea of travelling but it is a theme that sucks people like me in.
    Go figure.

    Congrats, nice shoes!

  3. I’d highly recommend To Say Nothing Of The Dog by Connie Willis. There is another book set in the same time-travel-possible world called Doomsday Book which is also excellent but very, very dark, in a totally different style to To Say Nothing Of The Dog.

  4. Hey man, you are really lucky to have won. I entered as well and I really love the shoes, I’m a big sneaker guy.
    If you have a size 9 or 9.5 and wouldn’t mind giving them up, I could offer some $ for them.

  5. Congratulations! Yeah, wear them, enjoy them! They’re very cute!

    If it will be invented then it has already been invented. Past, present and future coexist. But time travelers must be discrete… 🙂

  6. Nike is great as always. Nice shoes, great products and last but not least, Amazing marketing video’s around the globe.

    Keep it up Nike!

  7. Do you still have them today? I looked these up as I was also a winner of a pair and gave them away to a friend. Wondering what they would be worth today. Looks about 5-7k lol

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