Owner’s Manual

To all of those parents out there I have a question. How long did it take for your owner's manual to show up? We have had our baby for 11 days now and still don't have ours. I'm sure it is in the mail, though.

In my writing news, the last chapter to the reader written short story contest was published today. I had a mention in the paper as I helped judge the entries. They published the entire story along with the last chapter, so my two entries saw print again. Here is a link to the entire story.

2 thoughts on “Owner’s Manual

  1. You should check out a book called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg. It gives some really good advice on how to set up a daily schedule which helps a ton with things like eating, sleeping, etc.

    Our twins both started sleeping 12 hours a night by week 10. We might have just been lucky, but I give a ton of credit to that book.

  2. My advice would be to throw out the baby books! Somebody gave me The Contented Little Baby book by Gina Ford before I had my baby (now 6 months old). When I was pregnant I thought the advice looked great and that it would be my manual. A few weeks after my baby was born the book landed in the Vinnie’s pile. I especially disagreed with her advice on restricting daytime sleep for babies. My baby needs loads of sleep, it’s how he copes with things, often if I tried to wake him he would refuse to open his eyes, which then scared me. I went on a massive guilt trip about “not following the routine”, which gave me a lot of unnecessary angst at a time when I didn’t need it. I think all babies are different and what works for one will not work for others. This boy started sleeping 12-13 hours a night at 9 weeks, after I gave up on setting any routine, although we were strict that bedtime was 7.30pm. For reasons only known to him, he later spontaneously put himself in his own routine and decided that 6pm was bedtime. Some people swear by routines and I think they make sense but we can’t go anywhere or do anything now without considering that he will go nuts if we miss his self-imposed mealtimes by 1 minute. By the way, out of all the books I read I thought Baby Love by Robin Barker was the most sensible, except she thinks teething is a myth (I wish it was!)

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