Carnival of Family Life at Be A Good Dad

Mike over at Be A Good Dad is hosting a Carnival of Family Life over at his blog. All you have to do is post something about family life and send him a link to your post. Your post will be linked on his site and you will be eligible to win a prize. Seems like a neat idea. Also, I suggest anyone with children check out his site, as he has a lot of good blog posts there.

2 thoughts on “Carnival of Family Life at Be A Good Dad

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m definitely having more fun on that site than my old one so far. I guess the whole write about what you know and love might have some merit to it after all.

  2. Did you ever enter anything? I can’t find it in my emails. If you did, can you email me the link and I’ll add you to the list? If not, no sweat. I just didn’t want to forget about you.

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