What The Doctor Told Martha

This is mostly for you Doctor Who fans. The rest of you might not understand.

Remember the episode in which The Doctor becomes human? He makes a video for Martha, bits of which are revealed in the episode. Well, someone posted the entire video on YouTube and it’s pretty funny. Take a look:

5 thoughts on “What The Doctor Told Martha

  1. Thanks for that Jaye. That was sooooo cool. I wish I had the time/skills/money to make something like that.

    Diane – I liked the Pears bit too, even though I like pears myself. Maybe The Doctor has some special fruit he’s eaten that is better than what we have on this planet. 🙂

  2. I have to admit my knowledge of steampunk is pretty limited, but that site captured my fancy very quickly. Thanks for the Brass Goggles link. I love finding weird new things to learn about as a form of procrastination.

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