An Eventful Weekend

Yeah, I was plenty busy this weekend. It all started off Saturday morning, with a nice game of ice hockey. This one was at 9:00 AM, which compared with the normal 6:30 AM start times was great. If you remember, my team lost 9-1 last week. This week we won 3-2, with my team scoring the winning goal with only five seconds remaining. The best past was that I finally scored a goal. I had been on an enormous drought, having zero goals for the season. To illustrate just how bad this is, only two years ago I scored twenty goals in a season, and wrote a post lamenting that I didn’t make it to 25.  Scoring a goal took a huge weight off my chest.

After the game, my wife, my daughter, and I ate brunch at one of my teamate’s house.  He and his wife have a young baby.  We had never been to their house and are just getting to know them, but it was a good time.

After that, we went home to get the house ready for a birthday party we were having for my wife.  Her family was going to stay at our house and my parents and sister were also going to drop by.  That’s thirteen people in all, all in our not so large house.  My parents came early to watch our daughter as we got everything ready.  Everything went smoothly, although we didn’t get to bed until 11:15 PM (my daughter included).  By Sunday we were beat.

Sunday I opened the newspaper to discover they are doing their annual reader written story.  The newspaper starts the tale and then readers submit the next chapter of 500 to 700 words.  A panel of judges choose the best entry, the winner gets a $25 Barnes and Noble gift certificate, and they are published in the newspaper, along with a picture and short bio.  This contest is what originally got me writing again a few years back.  I’ve actually been “published” via this contest four or five times, and was even an honorary judge the one year. Here are some examples of entries I have written in the past: Example 1 Example 2.  One or both of these were published (I can’t really remember).  I think I’ve gotten better since then.  Yes, I have an idea ready for this year’s contest, and I hope to write that up today.  Since I’ve “won” a couple times already, I plan on having fun with this, not really worrying if I get picked or not.  I’ll share my entry with all of you when I done.

Sunday afternoon I laid on the couch with my daughter and read her a story while my wife was in the shower.  I think the weekend caught up with us as we both fell asleep. She rarely cuddles up with me like she does with my wife, so it was a nice feeling and a prefect end to a busy weekend.

11 thoughts on “An Eventful Weekend

  1. It sounded like a good weekend to me!Topped off with a cuddly daughter – perfect!

    Looking forward to reading your story – am off to read the other examples now….

  2. Sounds vunderbar, strugglingwriter! I love the reading and snuggling and falling asleep together. Just so VERY exceedingly rare for me these days with a ten-year-old!

    Congrats on the goal and win!

  3. Me again. I was tagged in one of those giant link lists – the Big Bang World Record. It is attempting to break a record by having 1000 sites linked. I tagged you but feel free to do it or not as the mood takes you!

  4. NIce weekend! I’m jealous as I had sick children once again! But the contest sounds awesome! And congrats on winning in the past. How great! You have to post your contribution this time so we can see it!

  5. 🙂

    sounds nice.

    congrats on playing well, and writing well. Enjoy writing this year’s entry.

    I do however feel that one, your wife being the one, should not have to put on (cook and entertain) for one’s own birthday. Maybe that is how she likes it best. But I try to make rules about such things, so people will be sure to take me out, or get take out, on my birthday.

    My son stopped being cuddly at a very young age. Before he even turned 5, he scowled at hugs and kisses, shaking them off, and wiping them away. So I am happily surprised that as of late, at the age of 11, he has become cuddlier.
    Enjoy your snuggle time.

  6. Taffiny – that’s why we ordered out. I knew she would stress about dinner otherwise.

    I tried to keep her from doing things as much as possible, but you can only say “don’t do stuff, I’ll do it” so many times before someone gets mad.

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