Busy Today

Not much of a post today as things are busy.

I have made some progress on the story contest entry for local newspaper I mentioned on Monday.  That’s good because it is due on Monday.  The good news is you will be able to read it here soon.  I promise!

My daughter visited me  at work yesterday while my wife had a dentist appointment.  It was nice and fun, but she did not want to stay in my cubicle with me.  She wanted to use the computer to look at pictures of Odie and Garfield.  Everybody at my office loved her of course, and they all were impressed with her speech and sentence structure.  I chalk that up to my wife spending so much time with her talking.

Well, that’s all for now.  Have a nice day.

One thought on “Busy Today

  1. There is a draw-back to that for your wife, when your child finally goes off to school, she is likely to find herself still walking around the grocery store doing outloud narration. 🙂
    Took me years to get out of the habit.

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