Question of the Day

This one comes from a conversation my wife and I were having in the car yesterday, and is of the utmost importance that I answer it. It’s a matter of national security I think.

On to the question. Imagine you are speaking to your spouse in the car in front of your kids. They are young and you really don’t want them to know what you are talking about (because they’ll start talking about it, or worse yet, make you make a pit stop). Which of these two is more appropriate (instead of well, poop) : #2 or BM? I went with BM and was told #2 was better. I would have to disagree.

So answer my poll below and explain you answer in the comments. You might be surprised by this topic, but you wouldn’t if you knew me in real life. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. BM. Hands down. What other kid in preschool, Kindergarten or even second grade is going to know what BM stands for? Everyone knows what #2 means.


    If your wife is concerned, tell the kids it means Before Monday.

  2. uhm, i, as a Hungarian speaker of english surely know what #2 is.
    but what BM stands for is a mystery.
    I vote for BM.
    i think it’s B is for ‘big’ or ‘brutal’; whereas M stands for ‘matter’, ‘mass’, ‘material’
    oh, i think i’ve just got it.
    it must be ‘brown material’.

    on a side note: please, please Paul let me know why do you have to code it….?

  3. ugh, I say number two or make up some other word. True it is that kids are less likely to know what BM stands for, bowel movement, but it just grosses me out.
    Of course this is coming from a person who actually heard herself say to her husband (at Borders) the other day, “what a minute, I have to go tinky”
    And I am like, what the heck did I just say? And why, why did I say it? Knowing me, he knew I meant I had to pee.

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