Blog of the Minute

Wow! My post Meme of Eight was hugely popular today and this site was the “blog of the minute” on wordpress for a solid hour. Here is a screen print if you don’t believe me:


Pretty cool, huh? This of course means I have seen a huge spike in my statistics for today. My previous high was I believe 130 or so hits and I normally average around 50 hits a day. Today I have 264 hits and it isn’t even Noon yet. Take a look at the graph:


Hopefully some of the people who stopped by here today will return. The more readers the better.  Welcome to all you newcomers and thanks to all you regular readers.

4 thoughts on “Blog of the Minute

  1. Isn’t it weird when that happens, that kind of spike in the traffic? My record isn’t quite that high. And I’ve never been on the blog of the minute thing, to the best of my knowledge. But those weird traffic surges are oddly motivating. I find myself thinking “how can I recreate that kind of interest in what I wrote without pandering or repeating myself.” Then, gradually, that feeling goes away.

    Anyway, congrats on your fifteen minutes of fame!

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